Repairs & Maintenance

Occupiers, trying to minimise expenditure in order to maximise investment in core business activities and, ultimately, profit, often see building maintenance as a low priority. However, neglect of maintenance has a cumulative effect, leading to unbudgeted expenditure being required either as a result of building component failure or forced expenditure by a Landlord seeking to maintain the value of their investment.


The management of maintenance works is as important as any other type of building project and often has the added complexity of unplanned disruption to the occupation of the building caused by the immediate nature of remedial works. Works often need to be arranged outside normal working hours – requiring both the contractor and project manager to adopt a flexible approach.

Unplanned, or ‘Reactive’, maintenance requires speed of response and the ability to call upon and manage reliable contractors. Diagnosis of defects and specification of appropriate works is essential to avoid unnecessary expenditure which can often be the case if contractors are called in without proper management and supervision.

Planned preventative

Planned preventative maintenance are works that are carried out before a component fails, thus avoiding unplanned disruption and emergency repair – e.g. the replacement of a flat roof before leaks cause internal damage.

The preparation of a planned maintenance programme will allow the management of foreseeable repairs and preventative maintenance over a number of years, setting expenditure budgets and planning works around business activities and leasehold liabilities.
bspm service :

  • Agree and confirm instructions
  • Review documentation including Lease, Licences, etc.
  • Advise need for and co-ordinate specialist surveys (e.g. M&E)
  • Inspect and record condition and prepare budget costs
  • Prioritise and schedule works

Basis of Fees

Preparation of Planned Maintenance Programmes are typically charged as a fixed fee.

Management of works charged either on a time basis or as 'Repairs & Refurbishment', depending on scope and size of works.