Building Defects

Defects in buildings can be more that an inconvenience to the occupier and can affect the efficient operation of a company. Occupiers often live with defects over many years that can be resolved by investigation and effective remedial works. Some defects can be readily identified by a trained eye whist others may require investigation or monitoring before a conclusion is reached.

Advice on the cause of a defect and remedial works should consider whether action is available under any warranties or guarantees and, where properties are occupied on a leasehold basis regard must be given to the liabilities of the landlord and tenant.
bspm service :

  • Agree and confirm instructions
  • Inspect and advise initial findings
  • Review warranties, guarantees and leasehold liabilities
  • Advise need for, and co-ordinate, further investigation or monitoring
  • Conclude findings and recommend actions required

Basis of Fees

Fees are typically charged on a time taken basis