Building Surveys

Whether purchasing a property to occupy or as an investment or taking a on a lease, it is essential to fully understand its condition and the cost of repair, together with its suitability for the intended purpose and potential cost of necessary alterations or refurbishment. Consideration may need to be given to health & safety, disabled access or compliance with other statutory requirements as well as liabilities arising under the terms of a lease.

Most property transactions have tight deadlines and prompt advice is required that is both relevant and useful. Reports need to be sufficiently detailed to provide adequate information whilst being easily understood.

The extent and scope of an acquisition survey may vary depending upon the interest being acquired. For example, a tenant about to take on onerous liabilities may want a more detailed report than the purchaser of an investment let to a tenant on similarly onerous terms. Nevertheless the cost of undertaking a survey before contractual commitment may be small compared to the potential risk.

bspm service :

  • Agree and confirm instructions
  • Arrange specialist access and surveys (e.g. M&E) where necessary
  • Inspect within pre-agreed timescale
  • Verbal feedback immediately following inspection
  • Written report delivered within agreed timescale
  • Agree further actions where required

Basis of Fees

Fees are typically charged as a fixed fee for the survey and report, with follow up action (if required) charged on a time taken basis.

As a commitment to service delivery, survey fees will be reduced by 10% where reports are not issued within agreed timescales.